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"Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Leggs"

Actress Joyce DeWitt (co-star of the popular television show "Three's Company" in the 1970's) appears in this most memorable Leggs pantyhose commercial.

Pantyhose were very much the fashion rage during the late 1960's until the mid-1990's. Women strove to make their legs look as best as possible and hosiery was a basic staple in fashion wardrobe's across the United States.

From sheer glistening styles to more opaque fashion pantyhose with ornamentation, or patterns, running down the side of the legs, women had an incredible number of manufacturers and styles to choose from compared to today.

During the late 1990's, women's fashion styles trended toward more casual styles and bare legs became fashionable. These new trends left pantyhose out of the wardrobe completely and utterly forgotten by most women as the best fashion accessory for outfits, added warmth, and toning of legs.

This website is dedicated to documenting how popular pantyhose was and still is among the more fashion concious women today. With great hope, this site may lead more women to discover, or rediscover, the many benefits pantyhose provide from aethestics, comfort, and sensuality.

The images presented here are gathered from a variety of open sources across the Internet then expertly retouched due to their age and usually poor condition. This process allows for a more appealing realistic presentation of pantyhose with a better visual understanding of how pantyhose dramatically improve the appearance of women's legs.

In order to best enjoy these images, make sure your computer monitor has the Srgb Color Profile assigned as the Color Space. The photos here have this particular standard color space profile assigned to them so your computer or device can better reproduce the colors and shades of black to white.

For the very best results, the use of an inexpensive color calibration hardware system will calibrate your particular monitor's color hues so they will be even closer to what the editing process intended for.

Photos here are usually maximized in color range during editing to bring out brilliance and contrast; So if some colors don't look right to you, or appear to dark or bright, it's most likely due to your monitor not having the Srgb color space assigned, or, the monitor is in need of calibaration. Search "monitor color calibration" for more information.

Hanes Pantyhose TV Ad

Hanes TV Ad
"Gentlemen Prefer Hanes"

Aired nationwide during the late 1970's.